Peaches Edelstein

Fashion Designer, Stylist & Shop Owner

Chattanooga native Peaches Edelstein's sense of fashion and design began on the family dairy farm where she watched her Granny pull up her girdles, hats, and gloves, and go to town. In high school in the 70s, the popular look was Preppy, but Elizabeth changed her name to Jet and obsessed over the flamboyance of Elton John. When he came out of the closet, Jet filled hers with family and estate sale finds, and soon her vintage collection became substantial. In the 80s in New Orleans there was Garden District and drag queen finery to be amassed and Elizabeth’s new name and look became Holden, the vintage queen who upcycled and redesigned her tattered glam rock pieces into stage-wear as lead singer for #TribeNunzio. 

2023 finds Peaches Edelstein designing original wearable art and opening a fashion consignment business in an old house on the Incline tracks in St. Elmo. #FunkyJunktion.

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